Flooring Design

Attractive walkways and captivating patterns, see the ways we can revolutionize your floors


Poolside Tile

In Arroyo Grande, California, the checkerboard pattern surrounding this swimming pool was created by alternating Cordoba Cream and Noce travertine tiles for a stunning effect.


Saltillo Stairs

In classic hacienda style, this entire home was tiled with Saltillo, featuring Spanish decos on the staircase risers.


Saltillo Stairs

The circular shape of this home's entryway called for creativity in the design and pattern of the marble flooring, which combines colors and textures to achieve a grand look.


Travertine Climb

A Shell Beach, California home features tumbled creamy travertine throughout, including travertine baseboards.


Saltillo Landing

Another circular passageway calls for style and creativity when arranging a giant saltillo mosaic.


Versailles Pattern

Many travertine colors and surface treatments are available in the ever-popular versailles patterns, one of which is shown here. Versailles patters are also available in various colors of marble.


Shower Floor Patterns

Herringbone tumbled 3 x 6 travertine is one of many pretty patterns particularly suited for shower and bathroom flooring.